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NOVEL Con 2019

Saturday, May 4th


Centre County Library, Bellefonte

Avoid graduation gridlock and join us on Free Comic Book Day for NOVEL Con 2019!

The purpose of this FREE, all ages, fandom inclusive event is to reach potential library users who may not be aware of the valuable and exclusive resources available to them at their public library and bring the community together through fandom.

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Metered parking is available on Allegheny and Howard Streets. A portion of the 200 block of Allegheny Street (between the Library and Historical Museum building) will be blocked off for our Food Truck vendors.


  • Lot A: W. Howard St by the First National Bank. Two kiosks are in the parking lot. 50 cents = 24 minutes; 25 cents = 12 minutes and $1.25 = one hour. Currently there is a 5 hour parking limit.

  • Lot D: S Spring St near its intersection with W Bishop St (behind the Waffle Shop) Black meters: 3 hours, maximum—25 cents = 30 minutes; 50 cents = 90 minutes; 75 cents = 2.5 hours; one dollar = 3 hours; Yellow meters: 12 hours, maximum—each 25 cents = 90 minutes

  • Lot H: Intersection of W High St and Potter St (beside the CVS store and sometimes referred to as the Train Station)


Meters are checked Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sundays are free.



  • Blue meters are handicapped only.

  • Red meters: 10 hours, maximum—10 cents = 1 hour; 25 cents = 5 hours; 50 cents = 10 hours

  • Silver meters: 2 hours, maximum—25 cents = 30 minutes

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